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Academy Newsletter 11 June 2015

I am like a proud father if our students manage to get the boats prepped, select their teams for the day and help each other while they are doing the sail training. It is so much better if they learn to sort things out on their own. While the students were out there, I could go through our spare parts and equipment needed for our Lipton campaigns and even had some time to have a chat with Liz on the terrace.

The more experienced students usually guide our new students through the crew positions and explain the sail trim and the helming. A few of our senior students did come a long way with their sailing in our academy and show some real talent in teaching others. Another great development in our academy is the thriving number of girls lately. It adds a new dimension to our sail training.
Girls can have a very positive influence in a sailing team. Like in the real world, the behaviour of our male students seems to be effected by the presence of females in the group, in a good kind of way. Keep it up girls. Two of our Homestead students are feeling confident enough to join our sail training on Saturdays from now on and to compete in racing events. Well done to Ricardo and Banele, we are hoping to see you often in our sail training and hopefully you will enjoy your sailing and the time spent in our academy in future. Since the time involvement and the preparation of a Lipton campaign can be quiet demanding, one of our teams has decided to withdraw their campaign. Let’s hope they will try again next year.
The other two teams, sailing for MAC and Port Owen Yacht Club, are in full swing with their Lipton campaigns and have met all requirements and deadlines so far. We have set the goals quite high for
the involvement of our students with their Lipton campaigns. They are not just given all the equipment to compete in Lipton, they must earn it along the way. Apart from the regular sail training, both teams have agreed to put something back to our academy. They will do two separate fund raising events and will try to get sponsorship for their teams to raise some money. There is nothing like a free ride in our academy. Every student will get the full support from our academy to reach their individual goals in sailing. In return the students are actively involved in our academy and pay forward as much as they can. This is the most important life lesson they will learn. Nothing in life is free, you have to earn it before you can have it. It is a little bit harder in the beginning but a lot more rewarding in the end. The MAC team on Escape will have their fund raising evening at the MAC on the 20th June. Please see invite below. 11 June 2015

The B&G team, sailing for Port Owen Yacht Club, will do their Raffle at the RCYC on the Friday the 3rd of July. In similar style as last year, the team is collecting a lot of prizes. Tickets will be sold soon at a price of R100 each. They have already secured 3 luxurious weekend stays in the Cape Peninsula and West Coast, apart from a lot of other great prizes. Last year’s tombola was a great success and most club members walked out with more than they have bargained for. The same evening we will present our junior Lipton teams and will also celebrate the new junior’s room and the newly refurbished academy RIB. All members are invited to celebrate with us that evening.

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