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Our courses include the following:

Swimming program – which teaches not only how to swim but how to save a life. The Academy believes that swimming is a human right and we ensure that every student that comes through our doors leaves with a swimming certificate at the very least – 10 day program

Competent crew – this is the foundation of sailing. Here we introduce our learners to the basics of sailing and boat parts. Our students come in with no idea at all of what a boat is, let alone having the basic skills of sailing one. 12 month program over weekends which amounts to 80 days of sailing.

Day skipper course – this program takes the best candidates and gives them a deeper knowledge of sailing, empowering them to actually be a skipper on a vessel and take responsibility of everyone onboard. Here the learner learns, rules of the sea, meteorology, navigation, passage planning, seamanship, engine maintenance and general upkeep of a vessel. 12 month program

Coastal skipper – the learners who make it to this program are those that are truly thriving in the program and wish to take their knowledge to the next level. This course expands on the foundations of the day skipper course with an emphasis on navigation and meteorology. Coastal skipper allows the sailor to do coastal passages night or day with crew. 6 month program

Yacht master – the ultimate sailing qualification. whereby the skipper learns international passage planning and navigation rules. The ticket allows the skipper to work anywhere in the world on a vessel of 200 gross tonnage and above. One requires over 2000 nm of sailing and trans-ocean passages as part of ones experience. The candidate is also taught celestial navigation. The course is over a month but takes in candidates with a lot of experience and sea miles under their belt.

STCW courses – personal safety and social responsibility/personal survival techniques/fire prevention and fire fighting/elementary first aid/competence in security awareness

Boat Maintenance

Sailing is only one part of yachting. The other part is maintaining and preparing a boat. All members of our academy will get involved at one stage.

Sail Training

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm we do have sail training at the RCYC. According to their sailing skills our students get grouped on different boats. On every boat we do have a qualified skipper and coach.

Team Building

A yacht can only be sailed by a qualified crew. Our students will learn all crew position on a yacht and will be taught the necessary skills to work in a team successfully. The students will also hone their social skills in the process.

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