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RCYC Sailing Academy

The RCYC Sailing Academy has been in existence in the club in some form or another throughout the years, but it was formally launched in 2012, with the sole objective of introducing youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to sailing and…

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Changing of Face of Sailing in South Africa

Check out this clip in case you missed it. Lindani Spes Mchunu, RCYC Academy Manager, changing of face of sailing in South Africa. Thus far together with his incredible team has been doing a superb job.

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Archangel – Mother’s Day

Weekend Report Back ArchAngel In the month of May, mothers are recognised for their nurturing and protective natures.  ArchAngel represents these qualities.  I see the boat as a Grand Old Dame that is going to inspire, teach confidence and belief in our…

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Tonnerre, a helicopter carrier, is in the service of the French Navy. It is capable of deploying 16 helicopters, 4 barges, 70 vehicles and 450 soldiers. It also has a 69-bed hospital. Tonnerre is part of the NATO Response Force…

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Safety at Sea

  Viking Open Day 9 March - RCYC Sailing Academy visited viking to learn more about the safety at sea. The student were exposed in numerous safety equipment such as life raft, fire extinguisher and other safety devices. The goal…

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Fleur De Passion

RCYC Sailing Academy students will be visiting Fleur de Passion on the 20th, December 2018. The students are invited for a tour and presentation where they will be shown what research and findings were obtained while they are on their…

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