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Archangel – Mother’s Day

Weekend Report Back


In the month of May, mothers are recognised for their nurturing and protective natures.  ArchAngel represents these qualities.  I see the boat as a Grand Old Dame that is going to inspire, teach confidence and belief in our students.  After the push and sheer determination of getting the boat to Mykonos, we have been steadily working on the boat on finer details.  ArchAngel will continue to be a work in progress in order to get the boat to Rio in 2020.  This month we have started using ArchAngel as a training boat and the students are delighted.  When the students are ready she will be used for a more offshore based program which will concentrate on seamanship skills and greater responsibility.

Marina Clean

We cannot deny any longer that our Ocean is in dire crisis. Recently, in Mariana Trench,  where the American explorer Victor Vescovor dived to the deepest point of the Ocean (11 km), plastics bags and sweet wrappers were found on the seafloor of the Ocean. It has become apparent that we’re facing a serious phenomenon.
For this year’s Youth Regatta, we warmly invite you all to join our Ocean Awareness Campaign in promotion of Clean Regattas. Our Green Team will clean out our marina while the competitors will be provided with biodegradable bags to collect garbage during the race intervals. The boats with the most collected garbage will be rewarded with ‘’Seamanship Trophy’’.  Let us all be part of the solution.

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