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Academy news 20.05.2015

Just another busy weekend at the RCYC Sailing Academy. Last Saturday we had all 4 boats out for the sail training. After the sail training one of our Lipton teams went out again on Escape, for one additional training session. On Sunday, Bertie Phillips from JML brought 15 youngsters to the RCYC and introduced them to yachting. They used Rotary Scout and JML1 to get all of them on the water. It was great to see so many new kids at the club. Hopefully some of them will join our academy.

Then the team B&G went out in the late afternoon for a training session. During the last 2 weeks we had very light breeze over the weekends and we are hoping to get more pressure soon. We sure had enough of light wind training for a while. The tricky part to prepare a team for Lipton, are the very diverse wind conditions we can expect in Table Bay during the month of July. In one week you can have any kind of sailing conditions, from the foggy light wind conditions up to a hauling NW with big seas. That’s the reason why the most complete team usually does win. During a whole week of racing during Lipton you can’t cover up for shortcomings in your team.

From the originally 3 teams, the academy started off campaigning for Lipton, only two teams have had the energy to keep their campaign moving forward progressively. These two teams will receive the full support from our academy and we will make sure that the students can compete on the highest possible level. What these youngsters lack in experience, they will make up with their never ending passion for sailing. This is all we expect from them. Learning something along the way is very important and why not having fun with it at the same time.

Team B&G will sail for Port Owen Yacht Club and team Escape will sail for MAC. These two clubs have been very supportive so far and are interacting nicely with the teams. Thanks a lot for supporting our two teams.

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