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The Crocs regatta 2013

The Crocs regatta 2013 came to an epic end for the RCYC Academy. Not only did one of our boats win the 1st price, much more valuable to us was the commitment and dedication of our young sailors during the event. It is very evident that our sail training is paying off.

The Crocs race organizers and bridge crew have outdone themselves to get the best out of the sailing conditions during the long weekend. It was a great decision to scarify the lunch brake on Saturday for another race and it was a bold decision to start a race on the last day in well over 30kn of wind. In the end it all worked out pretty well and you could see a lot of happy faces at the club before and after the price giving. The personal involvement from Tim Starke to represent Crocs at the RCYC does make this event very special every year.

For the medium distance race around Robben Island, the RCYC Sailing Academy decided to join forces on one boat as we were a bit short of experienced crew to man both boats. The plan was to get around Robben Island safely, without any breakage or injury. And this was exactly what we did. Nevertheless we clogged 15.1kn on the run. That’s not bad going for a heavy 30 year old 26 foot yacht.

Theo Yung and his team on JML3 pushed that little bit harder to run a few degrees deeper than us and paid the price with a shredded kite after an epic Chinese gybe at the end of the run. They recovered quite quickly and were able to hold their lead to the finish. Well done guys, that was a well deserved win.

The RCYC Academy won the trophy, which we will proudly display for all the other students of our program. Hopefully this will motivate more students to go the extra mile and to put in some hard training. It needs some effort and dedication to become a good sailor and some of our students have archived that in a very short period of time. Hopefully a lot more young sailors will realize what a great opportunity our program actually is.

Our RCYC Sailing Academy team for the 2013 Crocs regatta:

Mac a Tini: Erhard, David, Kaylen, Shane, Henning and Howard

Escape: Daniel, Felix, Josh, Taahirah, Lou and Harry

Felix Pape, a German exchange student who joined our training program in October and never missed a sail training. He also offered his help after the exams to work on the boats on a regular base. He is usually sailing in light breeze and flat water on a German lake and was quite surprised about our rough sailing conditions we usually train and race in. He has learned very quickly and became a reliable and dependable crew member. Racing in well over 30kn of wind in the medium distance race was a real eye opener for him. Well done Felix.

Kaylen and Taahirah did not have any race experience and have been the first time on a L26. They never complained about the hard work and physical effort to race a L26 competitively. The missing ablution facilities on a L26 became a real challenge at times, but again no complaints from them. Well done girls.

Josh was racing the first time in the Youth Regatta on a L26 for the MAC team. We were very happy to have his support during the Crocs regatta. He became a reliable crew member very quickly and will hopefully motivate more MAC sailors to join our academy. Josh, please spread the word amongst the MAC sailors to join us for sail training.

Erhard and his two cousins Henning and Lou joined the team on short notice as we were not able to find enough crew. The Youth Nationals were taking place on the same weekend as Crocs and most of our students were not available. Thanks a lot for stepping in and becoming a part of our teams. We hope to see you more often in future as members of our academy.

Daniel and Shane are dedicated members of our academy and are our first two students to be granted a skippers ticket. They were able to race with us on Saturday but had to commit to the skippers course on Monday instead of racing. I know that you would have preferred to race with us instead of doing the course. Well done for scarifying the race for a long term goal. You guys have got the potential to become leaders of our program. Keep it up boys.

David made a brief appearance on the first day of racing and proved to be a knowledgeable crew member. We hope to see more of you in future.

From all the supportive RCYC members, I would like to name Howard Richmond. He has helped us so many times in the preparation of the boats, the sail training and made himself available as a skipper of one of the Academy boats for the Crocs regatta. It is not an easy task to be responsible for a crew of sailing students in our rough sailing conditions. Your dedication to our program is inspiring. Thanks a lot Howard.

And last but not least we had Duane stepping in for the medium distance race to help us out. His sailing experience and dedicated crew work made all the difference for us. He indicated to be part of our program in future. That’s good news.

Our bruised and sore bodies will heal quickly and only the good memories of the great racing we had during the Crocs regatta will remain. Now it’s back to sail training to archive the next goals of our sailing program. But first enjoy your holidays, boys and girls.

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