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RCYC Academy news 09.07.2014

Last week we cancelled our sail training as we had one of the worst cold fronts coming through this winter. This must have been the only Saturday that we didn’t have sail training during the last months.

While we were sitting behind our heaters and fire places, 5 lucky students had the opportunity to race in the MSC week in Durban. They were allowed to make use of the newly purchased L26 Co-operation before it got shipped to Cape Town.

All 5 students are members of our RCYC Academy Lipton Team and were looking forward to have one week of intense sailing in Durban. Throughout the year we did a lot of practice in our own waters and the students did make good progress during the last month. Of course it is very different putting the sail training into practice during a race. The first taste of handling the pressure our team has had during the RCYC Youth regatta. 4 teams had the chance to win the regatta on the last day and our team ended up on 4th place. They were extremely disappointed but also knew where they have to improve to get better.

Durban showed its sunny side all week long, the downside were the rather light wind conditions. It’s easy to sail in light winds when the sea is flat. Unfortunately they had to deal with light winds and a very lumpy sea. Something even very experienced sailors struggle with at times.

Despite winning 4 of the nine race in style, our team was eventually beaten by one point from the Durban team on B2G2. Our boys were leading the last race and would have won the regatta but the experienced team on B2G2 sailed a brilliant last downwind leg and managed to get ahead and also won the regatta. Well done to the Durban team.

Our team representing the RCYC, from left to right: Daniel Agulhas, Duane Peteresen, Michael Hardy, Nic Faraday and Shane Hendrickse. Missing on the picture is our coach Howard Richman.

This the second time that our team lost a regatta by seconds only. There are a lot of things that we can still improve to bring the performance and team work up for the upcoming Lipton campaign. But there is one thing our boys have learnt to deal with during the last couple of month, to keep their heads high even when things go wrong. That is something many sailors have not learnt throughout their sailing career and in fact is far more important than winning in the end. You have to respect the better performance of other teams and the only thing you can do is to improve your own sailing as much as possible.

Many people have noticed the good sportsmanship of our team and mentioned it positively. This is something that all members of our club should be very proud of.

A big thank you to the RCYC for making this trip possible for our academy team and to Howard Richman who was guiding our boys throughout the whole week.

This Saturday we might be back in summer for a change. A lot of sunshine with a light SE is forecasted. It is a radical change to the weather we had last week and our students are looking forward to our sail training already.

We are also proud to announce that our own RCYC Sailing Academy website is ready to be launched. You will find the latest updates and Facebook contents on this site. Have a look on

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