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What We Do The RCYC Sailing Academy is promoting yacht sailing and racing for young sailors under the RCYC banner.

In our academy it is not important what the color of your skin is or from which social background you come from. All young sailors will get the same chance to excel in our sport and get promoted in the same way. Show us your love and passion for sailing and we will open the door to the yachting world for you. The Academy is using 4 L26 yachts for sail training and racing.

We welcome all young sailors to join our academy.

Life Skills

Boat Maintenance

Sailing is only one part of yachting. The other part is maintaining and preparing a boat. All members of our academy will get involved at one stage.

Sail Training

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm we do have sail training at the RCYC. According to their sailing skills our students get grouped on different boats. On every boat we do have a qualified skipper and coach.

Team Building

A yacht can only be sailed by a qualified crew. Our students will learn all crew position on a yacht and will be taught the necessary skills to work in a team successfully. The students will also hone their social skills in the process.

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